Granger Motors Fills Run-Up to Centennial with Unprecedented Online Specials


GRANGER, Iowa — Granger Motors will mark its centennial in 2018, with two owners having successively presided over the leading dealership’s long, successful history. To celebrate, the company will be listing an unprecedented collection of special offers and discounts throughout the rest of the year at its website at From affordable, high-quality pre-owned cars to unbeatable prices on brand-new pickup trucks, compact cars, and more, all those seeking automotive value in 2017 will want to check in at frequently. With the hundredth anniversary for one of Iowa’s best-reviewed and longest-running dealerships on the way, deals on Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Ford, and other top cars and trucks will be coming online regularly.

“We’ll be celebrating our hundredth anniversary next year, which is a truly momentous milestone,” said Granger Motors owner Tim Westrum. “When I purchased Granger Motors over 30 years ago, the original owner had done an excellent job of running and growing the dealership for many decades. We’ve built proudly on that foundation ever since, and we feel that we’ve created something truly special. From our many long-serving, passionate, customer-focused employees to the value we offer with our sales and services, we think Granger Motors really stands out in positive ways. In anticipation of our upcoming centennial, we’ve got some terrific special offers online at our website, with many more to follow throughout the rest of the year.”

In a 2014 study conducted by consumer financial company Bankrate, Iowa ranked as the least expensive state for average annual cost of car ownership. Passenger vehicle sales have set annual records in Iowa in recent times, with a total of about 143,000 new car and truck registrations statewide in 2015, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association, representing a healthy jump from previous years.

Granger Motors is one of the best-reviewed and most trusted full-service dealerships in the state. As an authorized dealer for Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, and Ford, Granger Motors offers a huge selection of new vehicles at low prices, in addition to a wide, regularly refreshed inventory of top-quality pre-owned cars and trucks. Whether for vehicle sales or service, each Granger Motors employee is driven by a mission of treating every customer right, a commitment that has produced some of the highest satisfaction, referral, and repeat business figures in the industry.

With the historic, highly regarded dealership to mark the hundredth anniversary of its founding in 2018, visitors to the Granger Motors website will find many special offers listed now and throughout the rest of the year. Website visitors can also browse the dealership’s current inventories, schedule a service appointment, and learn more about the Granger Motors difference.

About Granger Motors:
At Granger Motors, we treat you right. From new and pre-owned car and truck sales to top-quality service and flexible financing, Granger Motors is an authorized Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, and Ford dealer and a whole lot more.

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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Cars

Why Buy From New Car Dealers? If you have plans to buy a new car, there are several things that should be taken into account whether you must go to an established dealer or to a private seller while some are considering to visit used car dealers. Among the said options, paying a visit to a well established new car dealer can provide you with plenty of benefits like the following: Dealer Benefits – new car dealerships have incentives to make the sale as easy and fast as possible for customers. They are working hard to build relationship that is encouraging return customers while boosting word of mouth referrals. In addition to the fact that it is good for business, it’s great for their careers too. More Inventory – by checking the inventory of the new car dealer, you will probably be surprised with the selections of new cars that can be chosen from. In general, they have the latest models partnered with innovative technology and most popular colors onsite.
Learning The Secrets About Dealers
Extended Warranties – dealers are also offering some of the best bonuses and service warranties aside from broad car selections. Make the effort to look for specific offers similar to rebates, better trade values and no-interest finance options. In addition to that, new car dealers usually extend warranties that are beyond the typical timeframe especially for first month or so. Again, there are several other dealers that include a lifetime engine warranty if the purchase is still within certain dates.
Learning The Secrets About Dealers
Additional Maintenance Services – you must not wait until the contract is signed before you start asking things about which maintenance service is provided or if the dealership is offering roadside assistance. It is basically your job to ask for common replacement parts needed for maintenance like tires and batteries, are they offering it at a discounted price and so. New car dealers normally provide extras to be able to entice clients to buy the car. New cars are sometimes qualified for bonuses or government incentives that help in offsetting the depreciation experienced after the 1st year. Choices – we’re now in the midst of technological boom, which is applicable to automobile manufacturing too. Cars that are just a couple of years older normally don’t offer the latest technological and safety features similar to in-dash navigation systems, hands-free phone connectivity and so on. In addition to that, the improvements in gas mileage are always improving year after year because of the fuel efficient engines that perform better than their prior versions. Therefore, if you are looking for some reasons on why you must from new car dealers, then the aforementioned points will probably convince you to do so.

The Benefits Of Buying Used Harley Davidsons For Sale

In addition to the enjoyment of riding a Harley Davidson, there are also many other advantages of owning a motorcycle. If the initial cost is a factor, individuals can look at used harley davidsons for sale at a dealership to find a reliable ride at an affordable price. Read the information below to learn three important benefits of owning and riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Less Expensive Than Owning A Car

Buying a car or a motorcycle that’s used is obviously cheaper than purchasing a brand new model. Many times, individuals will still pay a hefty price for a used vehicle that has been driven many thousands of miles. Used motorcycles will generally not have as many miles as a used car and this also means there is less wear on the bike. Paying for gas to drive a motorcycle instead of filling up a car is one of the biggest ways that individuals will save money. Insurance premiums are cheaper for motorcycles as well as money spent on repairs.

Higher Resale Value Than A Car

When individuals are ready to trade in their Harley for a newer model, they will soon realize that their old bike has a better resale value than a car. Things that can drop a car’s resale value, which are less common for a motorcycle, include numerous miles, dents and worn out interior. Purchasing a Harley Davidson motorcycle is the best choice because these bikes have the highest resale value of all of the bike brands on the market.

Takes Up Less Space

When parking a motorcycle in the garage, instead of a car, individuals will soon discover they have a lot of room left over. Homeowners who don’t have a garage can even park their bike in a small shed without any problems. Parking on the street is also much simpler than trying to maneuver a car into a parking space. Harley Davidson riders can easily park their bike along a crowded street and quickly run their errands.

Visit American Motorcycle Trading Company for the best selection of quality used Harley Davidsons and various other makes and models of motorcycles for sale. This dealership offers warranty plans and individuals can get the bike they want by taking advantage of their financing options. For motorcycle service and repair, individuals can visit the parts and service department located in this Arlington dealership.

A Simple Plan For Researching Tips

What Are The Advantage That You Can Get With Digital Marketing

The moment that you will be talking about the success of any kind of business, then one important factor that you should be looking into is marketing. In order for the business to grow, it is very important that the marketing strategy that will be used will be able to provide high returns. It is the digital marketing that has been providing this kind of advantage regardless if what kind of business you have. Different careers in technology has also been starting to grow with the help of digital marketing. The end result is that there is a transformation in the techno-marketing arena. The moment that you will be suing digital marketing there are many things that you can get from it and that is what we will be talking about in this article.

It is the price that is considered as the very first advantage. Compared to the traditional form of marketing, it is digital marketing that is considered to be inexpensive. It is when you will be using the internet for your business that you should also see to it that you will also utilize digital marketing as part of it. Since less manpower is needed in digital marketing then you will be able to save more.

There is an increase in your reach the moment that you will be using digital marketing. It is in traditional marketing that you will only be targeting local audiences whereas, in digital marketing, you will get a worldwide audience. The moment that you will be sung digital marketing, then it will be using a simpler approach which many believe to be much more effective.
Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Businesses

A better analytics s also what you will get the moment that you will use digital marketing. Compared to the traditional form of marketing, it is in digital marketing that the things that are done can be measured properly. Having a marketing strategy that can be measured properly is what you will need ti make certain and specific adjustments to it and that is what digital marketing will be able to provide you.
The Path To Finding Better Services

Just like what was mentioned, it is also in digital marketing that you will also be able to get fewer humans to do the work. You will be able to save when you will be sung digital marketing as less manpower is needed. Since less manpower is needed in digital marketing, then more saving will be placed in your pocket.

It is when you will be using digital marketing that you will have fewer logistics needs. The need for creating billboards is no longer needed when you will be using digital marketing. The factors needed to install these billboards is no longer needed. You will be set in no time as what you need is the right manpower and a strong internet connection.

Anthony Underwood Automotive announces it is Now a NAPA Certified Repair Center


(Bessemer, AL) Anthony Underwood Automotive, the local and trusted car dealer near Birmingham, Alabama is proud to announce they now offer NAPA certified repairs. This prestigious certification solidifies the superior reputation of the dealership along with the dedication the staff has to provide superior customer support and ongoing satisfaction for every client and vehicle served.

“We have always been dedicated to helping customers purchase quality vehicles that fit their need,” stated company representative Paul Rogers. “With our service and repair department now being NAPA certified, we are hoping this will put even more confidence in our customers that we are their go-to resource when it comes to vehicle buying, repair, service, and maintenance.”

NAPA certification represents a technicians and business’s ongoing dedication to providing superior services. In the competitive landscape of the auto industry, technicians need to have superior knowledge and skills to perform effectively and efficiently at their job. This ASE certification is considered the industry standard and the ideal way to build a career and the business’s future. The certification education increases technician knowledge and enables them to efficiently and accurately evaluate and repair the complex vehicle’s on the road today.

“At we know that with NAPA certification, our customers are going to view us as an even more trusted repair service than before,” continued Rogers. “In order to gain certification, we had to pass the certification exams and prove our years of experience in this field. We are proud to have achieved this certification and now be able to offer superior services to our customers.”

Each of the approved auto repair shop has to undergo a comprehensive investigation and meet the stringent NAPA standards that are unrivaled in the industry. Customers know they can trust NAPA name and feel confident when approaching auto repair facilities with NAPA certification. Customers can learn more about repair services by visiting


Anthony Underwood Automotive is a trusted and reliable car and truck dealer near Birmingham, Alabama. Consumers searching for a quality vehicle can find a large selection of cars, vans, trucks and SUVs on the lot and ready to be driven home today. This is a new and used car dealer and has been serving the area for over two decades. Located just on the outskirts of Birmingham, Anthony Underwood Automotive can be found on the Bessemer Super Highway. This is an auto dealer that has quality vehicles for everyone.

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Professionals

Benefits of Mental Health Counseling

You should know that the number of people struggling with their mental health is just too high and the only way to help them is to give the bets mental health counseling there is.

A lot of people who have been suffering from mental problems have been helped by mental health counseling.

People who have been struggling with weight loss diets or even having a hard time quitting their addiction can be a huge issue as well that will need mental health counseling.
Why Therapists Aren’t As Bad As You Think

People commonly have mental health counseling as a last option which is not a good thing because they did not know that this kind of therapy is effective.
The Essentials of Counselors – Getting to Point A

You should know that hypnosis is also a good therapy for mental health counseling, it is very effective but has to be done by a professional.

There are also a couple of things you need to consider before you actually accept having mental health counseling.

But the results of the mental health counseling is proven to be very effective, it even works to help people with health problems and help them deal with their personal lives.

You do not have to worry about being in various mental health therapy because the this kind of therapy is performed by a professional that will guide you throughout the process while you are in your subconscious mind. When you are already in the process of getting your mental health counseling, you should know that your mind will become more open with what the professional will dictate and you will be one with your mind.

You need to think about a couple of things before you undergo mental health counseling If you want to undergo mental health counseling, you need to consider a couple of things. You need to follow certain steps so that you will have no worries.

You need to make sure that the professional will know what he or she is performing.

Each day, mental health counseling t is getting more popular as people discover just how effective it can be.

Before you actually go for mental health counseling, be sure that the psychologist will have skills about the process because there are a lot of fake professional psychologist out there. Be sure to hire a reliable psychologist, be careful on who you hire, it might be a fraud and that will be a very bad thing.

If you want to hire a reliable professional you have to work hard and do a lot of research so that you will be able to find the positive ones, you can always check their website and see if they have negative or positive feedbacks, it is a positive indicator as well.

If you want to get the best result from the therapy that you just received, be sure to have the best psychologists or professionals to deal with your mental health.

The Beginner’s Guide to Services

The Information Needed to Have a Better Understanding of Web Design When it pertains to web design, it includes a variety of skills and disciplines that is needed in producing and maintaining websites. There are also different parts that are featured in web designing such as graphics and interface designs. Authoring refers to the part that incorporates software and propriety standardize coding. Web designing also features search engine optimization and user experience designs. There are even a number of designers who are experts in all of the aspects that are related to web designing. Furthermore, the individual expertise and abilities of web designers who work on groups are the basis of their assignment that can be used in a particular part. Generally, it is the design process that is considered when it comes to designing a website. If it is pertaining to the end and front design of a particular website, it also contains markups. When it pertains to a larger scope of we development, web designing is believed to be partly complex if it is compared with web engineering. The reason for this is that there is a great expectation for web designers to be equipped with the technical understanding required for the process of creating a website. Aside from that, web designers are also dependable when it pertains to mark ups creation. The Benefits that You Can Get from Using CSS and HTML Designs
3 Experts Tips from Someone With Experience
You must know and understand that hypertext markup language or commonly known as HTML plays an important part in web designing. The content structure of a web design highly depends on the HTML. Headings, paragraphs and images are the contents that are included when an HTML is utilized. Other than HTMLs, cascading style sheets, known as CSS are also included in web designs. For the reason that it is a dependable display language and it can enhance a website’s content, CSS is usually used by several web designers. You can also adjust the colors and fonts that you are going to use since CSS allows you to do that.
Finding Similarities Between Services and Life
You should also know that there are independent uses when it pertains to HTML and CSS languages. It is important to make sure that these functions are maintained for the majority of web designs. What you need to remember is that an HTML language should be used in designing an HTML website, the same goes for CSS websites, a CSS language needs to be used as well. If ever you are planning to combine CSS and HTML, you have to see to it that it will be based on their capabilities. It is actually the quality of the content that an HTML language works on while the CSS language enhances it. There are strange terms that you might come across if you are new in using HTML’s, however, you will get used to it as time goes by. Elements, tags and attributes are the usual terms that are generally utilized in HTMLs.

The Art of Mastering Experts

Tips Of Choosing The Best Repipe Expert

Most water supply systems are always durable but at times, an early decay do occur. I you have a home of your own, you should be much aware of the indicators of leakage in the water pipes. People who manage their buildings in an appropriate way are less likely to have problems related to water leakage. Water pipes may leak due to a number of reasons. The leakage can be caused by inappropriate pipe fitting, corrosion or in case of old pipes.

Copper repipe involves eliminating old water pipes and fixing new ones. In the past most plumbing industries used pipes made of iron. Most plumbing industries nowadays prefer copper pipes because they can tolerate a number of corrosion agents compared to galvanized iron pipes. Before you decide on hiring a re-piping expert, you should first determine if the pipes need a replacement or not. Much attention should be given to the indicators of rusting water pipes. The most well-known signs of water pipe corrosion is the presence of brown water from the taps. If the water coming from your tap has unpleasant taste and is leaking, you should not rule out pipe corrosion.

Corrosion problems should be resolved as soon as possible to prevent the situation from becoming worse. If you are caught in such a situation, it is advisable to contact a professional with enough experience to handle the problem with your water supply system. If the problem is caused by grim, an expert may advice for a complete repipe. Selecting the right re-pipe expert is very important. You should select a repipe expert with adequate experience. For a smooth an quicker job, you should get a professional plumber. The repipe specialist that you pick should have the most current license.
3 Services Tips from Someone With Experience

Most repipe experts charge their customers on an hourly basis or quote a general price. Before the job get started, you should be in an agreement regarding prices. However, you should be ready to cater for certain unexpected expenses that do crop up when the work is ongoing. Such may include additional copper fittings or other materials. A number of things may determine how much you are likely to spend on repipe. You will spend more money on repiping a commercial structure compared to repiping your home. It is advisable to ask for a quote when you contact the repipe expert of your choice. Many contractors refer to the original prices as just estimates due to the high chances of price changes due to the constantly changing conditions. When you make the right choice of a repipe expert, you can be assured that the work will be properly done.If You Think You Understand Services, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Practical and Helpful Tips: Services

What to Do When You Have a Bigger Family

Nothing is as pleasant a surprise to a family as it’s expecting another member coming along. Imagine a scenario in which it’s such a major astonishment, to the point you considered this new pregnancy as an impromptu delight. In the event that your family is expanding more than you initially thought, you might just need to consider doing some few changes all through your life. Do you require much larger home, do you require another auto or do you require some assistance in administering your children?

Expecting a kid coming along would really make changes in your home for you might want to remove all those furniture that are fragile and lessen them to make it safer for your kids. On the off change that you would prefer not to evacuate the furniture, you might need to alter a specific room where you can abandon your kids doing as they please. You can paint the walls of this room to suit their liking, so they may be able to enjoy looking at the illustrations while at the same time, playing with toys.

Once your kid has figured out how to slither and circumvent the house, you might need to secure all the essential archives and shroud all possibly hazardous things a long way from their scope. If you are working away and your partner also has their own business to get over with, you may hire a local yet trusted babysitter to look after your children or you may just request an available family member for their help to lessen your expenses.

If your car is no longer large enough for your growing family to fit comfortably in, you might want to consider purchasing bigger family cars like SUVs. An example of good car for big families is Ford Escape which you can avail, for example if you are from Iowa, through Ford dealers in Iowa. These Ford dealers in Iowa may help you choose a car that best fits your growing family. You may be able to research and locate these Ford dealers in Iowa through the internet, where their address and contact details are provided. Once you have done your research, you may go to the location and meet these Ford dealers in Iowa to negotiate your plans of buying a new car for your family. Once you’ve made a deal with these Ford dealers in Iowa, you just got yourself the perfect car for your growing family.

Contemplate and observe your family develop can be such a clashing ride for parents or guardians so it’s best that you ought to dependably come arranged and have everything done best for your delightful kids.

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The Beginners Guide To Vehicles (Finding The Starting Point)

The Best SUV Choosing Tips and Tricks

There’s an epidemic of illogical people wasting large sums of cash on the wrong vehicles. Let it be known that you can informed your family about the right ways of getting the right vehicle for them . The purpose of this article is to get you the right SUV.

You don’t want to waste your sixty thousand dollars right? SUV buyers are the most susceptible especially those dropping the big bucks on seven-seaters. It is the objective of this article to bring you right medicine for your brain and give the change to make the right, informed decision all the time.

If you are a new car buyer and you don’t know how to decide this article is solely for you. It is probably the most important decision that you will ever make in your life, so make it count.

The first factor that you should consider is getting a combination of style with the latest technology added with a decent driving performance. Jeep dealers in Iowa can help you in making an informed decision in this first aspect of decision making.

The safety and seat capacity of the vehicle for urban driving is another important key factor to consider. There are lots of very good offers the jeep dealers in Iowa can provide.

Your family needs are on top of your key factors to consider as some experts suggest. This key factor involves superb styling of the vehicle of your choice. It is hard to choose if you are uninformed. You can choose from a wide range of selection which the jeep dealers in Iowa can offer.

SUVs have serious capability in carrying two tons or more of load. If you are planning to drive through rivers or across the country choosing a serious SUV is a hard decision. The best jeep dealers in Iowa can help you in this dilemma.

If you are just going to pick the kids, do the groceries, and drive it on the road, your choice of the best SUV differs. The best jeep dealers in Iowa can provide you the best options in this category.

You might need to consider choosing the diesel-powered SUVs too. For the past ten years, the number of sales of diesel SUVs went ballistic. If you want a best deal make yourself an educated and responsible buyer. They can walk into a dealership and can always get themselves approved.

If you’re financing your car you can talk to your own bank or credit union and get pre-approved before you go car shopping. It is a false fact that all banks will not approve your financing. Keep looking for a bank that will pre-approve your request. Your request is possible if seek out great financial institutions.

Remember, an educated buyer is always a winner.